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Author Symbolie Monique Smith

The Reading Room Present
I Am The Ancestor By Symbolie Monique Smith

I’m the proud mother of 4 awesome and amazing children and I take my role as a mother VERY seriously. My primary reason, main purpose and my true desire for writing my book is gift to them. I have used every bit of knowledge, strength and capabilities that I’ve self-developed to raise and developed their individual personalities while building a mini empire. I refuse to just leave behind businesses, a life insurance policy, homes and other materials possessions, without sharing with them my true identity and my life’s journey. They must know who their mother really is, my experiences and what it took for me to become the women I am today.

I want to leave them a TRUE LEGACY
As I started writing my story, I became overwhelmingly compiled to bring awareness to many areas that have affected my life. The immediate are: Sharing of one’s history is nothing new, but are people really educating their children about their roots and the importance of them. Good or bad, parent must continue to empower them with that knowledge; they may even enlighten themselves during the process. Thus: GENEALOGY

Elementary children with cell phones may be ok for many, but do parents and care givers have a STRONG plan enforced with them about their safety and surroundings.  Let them know that the boggy man is not just something that they imagine under the bed or peeking from the closet—it’s lives amongst us. Oh yea, the boggy grows as they grow and changes often. Worst of all, it’s not always a deformed evil looking creature, which only appears once they’re alone. Thus: PREDATORS

Blinded eye people – Any person who KNOWINGLY fails to perform their duties are partially responsible for damages and harm they allow to take place. There are all types of signs and processes that are being ignored by them which should immediately be acknowledge in any possible way.  Blinded eye people are aiders and abettors for sharing in wrongful acts because their actions or, lack of. Family, Friends, Neighbors and Municipalities: Thus “ROLE PLAYERS”.

If I can bring hope of any, to show proof that light IS at the end of the tunnel, that a cloud can be lassoed and can proudly shout…..I AM ABLE……………..GET READY, BE READY AND STAY READY……………………Thus: INSPIRED

Throughout all of this, I still make time for myself.  I have to!  My social life is pretty average for a woman who has her children’s best interest first.  Over the years, I’ve dated and enjoyed hobbies like sewing and knitting.  I also make time to connect with other women at social events and outings.  On a monthly basis, I attend a recurring women’s event and every time I leave I am pumped and charged to work even harder.  By all accounts, I feel like the most powerful woman in the world when I take into consideration what I have vs. what statistics report I should have.

 Unfortunately, I am also a woman without a true identity on a quest to find out where it all began for me.  Imagine a world with no links, no attachments, and no existence. Can you picture yourself walking down the street wondering if the person who just passed you is your brother, sister, or cousin?  Do you know what it’s like to get tested more frequently than most persons because of an unknown family medical history?  Have you experienced not being able to enjoy a simple cruise to Aruba, Jamaica, or the Mediterranean because you cannot produce proof of your identity?  I can’t obtain a passport because my vital statistics are not correct.  For too many years, I have lived this way and still I have no real answers.  This is the reason I gave birth to I Am the Ancestor.  After 15 years of endlessly searching for the truth, I suddenly realized that I must tell my story before I die in an attempt to leave behind a true legacy for my four children.  Leaving this burden on Courtney is completely unacceptable to me.

 I Am the Ancestor is an inspirational account of my life as a woman living in a world without a single connection.  Thanks to being abducted, exploited, and raised by a woman named Tammie Smith who never showed any love and various municipalities such as the public school system, the Department of Social Security, Bureau of Vital Records, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and police departments who dropped the ball at one point or another in my life, I am like many victims of abduction:  left to put the pieces of my life together.  What’s worse is the impact this is having on my children.  Now, it’s my duty as a mother, the only dear title that I really have — for I’m not a daughter, a sister, an aunt, nor a cousin — to make sense of my history.

With this book, I truly want to share my strengths, expose my weaknesses, develop in all areas of my life, and survive by any means for my children and myself.  When this book is finally released, I will be free, my children will be empowered, and the minds of many will be wide open!  Not only that, but this book will open the door for other people in the world, like me, who are determined to put together the missing pieces of their lives.  I believe that there are thousands, if not millions, of people like me in the world!  As a matter of fact, just recently I saw two different news accounts of women who had been abducted as children and were reunited with their family.  It shocked the world to know that we, adults who were abducted as children, are still out.

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