Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is a Christian.....?

Emmett Grizzly Douglas
1. Someone who has come to terms, that they are indeed a sinner bound for eternal damnation. If a person isn't ready to do this, then all of their good works are as filthy rags before the Lord.

2. Someone who would offer to cut his neighbors yard, instead of complaining about it with the other neighbors.

3. Someone who realizes that all, including self have fallen short of God's glory, and only through the blood of the lamb, can our spirits be re-born brand new and perfect before God and sealed by His Holy Spirit until the day of redemption.

4. Someone who knows that it is our spirit that is perfect, and fully redeemed, not our flesh which must die due to the curse. Nor is our soul redeemed. Our soul must be changed through the constant renewing of our minds according to God's word. Our soul is where our emotions, feelings, and thoughts reside. The daily battles are in our minds. Learn to control them, or they will control us.

5. Someone who will never attempt to point out in judgement the sin in anyones life, because we know that we are in no way a symbol of walking, talking perfection.

6. Someone who chooses to love, and forgive everyone who has wronged us. Regardless of how much the world tells you that you have every right to be angry, or mad at them. Forgive them, let it go. Unforgiveness is like a cancer, it will eat away at your soul until you make a regretful decision.

7. Someone who will never be in agreement with any sin. Regardless of the popularity of it, or who supports it, world opinion, or even if it involves somebody we dearly love. Love people regardless lest we forget that we also have areas in our own lives that are sin. It's not our place to convict.

8. Someone who knows without a doubt that we will be in Heaven on day with the Father, not because we lived a sinless, holy life, but because Jesus lived it for us.

9. Someone who realizes that to approach to word of God, without His Holy Spirit will only lead to confusion, and senseless debate. The carnal mind only understands carnal things.

10. Someone who knows that we don't have all the answers, but we do have THE answer.

11. Someone who would never turn way anybody from God's congregation because they are a drug head, alcoholic, gang member, gay, Buddhist, Muslim, Zeus worshipper, flying spaghetti monster follower, KKK member, Black panther, Neo-Nazi, blue, green, black, white, wearing shorts with a Metallica t-shirt, because refer to #3, #4, #5, and #6.

12. Someone who knows that facts, and feelings can change at any given moment. Only truth is unchanging, and eternal.

13. Somebody who gladly makes the most out of God's grace by studying His word, meditating on His word, and applying His principles in OUR daily lives, not OTHER peoples lives. Let His light be seen by others through our life.

14. Someone who knows that every good gift is from God, and only the devil comes to steal, KILL, and destroy. God does not punish people with sickness and diseases, or death. ALL are a part of the curse. God's will for us is always life, and health, and prosperity. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE ENEMY on these three things. Poverty is also a curse.

15. Someone who knows his strongest offensive weapon is his own tongue. In it lays the power of life, and death and we must be careful and aware of every word we speak. This is another battle in the soulish relm. With our tongues we can build someone up to achieve, or tear them down to nothingness.

16. Someone who realizes that somedays, we don't "feel" saved, but rest in our faith regardless of how we may "feel" at that moment. Refer to #12.

17. Someone who is able to love unconditionally, this is a requirement. The ability to grow into this, brings an undescribable peace inside your heart in which the fruits of the spirit can fully blossom.

18. Someone who realizes that eventhough Texas sucks, God loves them also /w\ ;-)

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